Anthony moved to Worcester from Bradford, West Yorkshire with his family in 1976 working in engineering until retirement in 2006.

He likes creating and problem solving which led him into wood turning on retirement. He is a member of Worcester Woodturning club and in 2011 wrote several articles for Woodturning magazine under the name of Tony Davis.

Anthony feels that the British public is not quite ready for true wood art, so his style is quite modern sometimes using a light colour wash to bring out the secrets of the wood.

His main aim is to keep up with modern shapes and trends that will enhance and slip into any decor.

Anthony's inspiration comes mainly from the wood itself, with the design shapes and colour ideas coming from "she who must be obeyed".

Di, Tony's wife, has worked closely with Tony from the outset particularly in the creation of the design and early coloured work. Some of his early work is enhanced by the use of pyrography undertaken by Di. Over the past three years she has developed her own techniques with the use of acrylic paints and has extended this technique to marbelling. Her work can be viewed on those pieces marked "Di"

Some of Anthony's pieces have been inspired by other wood artists for which he does not claim originality.

Upcoming Exhibitions:-

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